2011 Foursomes & Winners

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Ladies' Winner: Anita Paukovits, Louise Kinter, Kathy Colarusso, Ann Frankl

AM 1st Place: Keith Schlamp, Skip Flowers, Kyle Kline, Bruce Heitzman

AM 2nd Place: Rick Lutz, Josh Huber, Mike Flexer, Mike Glovas

AM 3rd Place: Marc Braxmeier, Tyler Hersch, Mike Hersch, Tom Braxmeier

PM 1st Place: Barry Fedon, AJ Depue, Glenn Cobb, Todd Oessenick

PM 2nd Place: Rich Baker, Tony Milia, Mike Sawyer, LJ Bennett

PM 3rd Place: Stan Margle, Joseph Margle, Mike Tuskes, Colin Winders